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When you need me, ...

but do not want me,
then I will stay.
When you want me,
but do not need me,
then I have to go.

Nanny McPhee

Situations Requiring Our Expertise
Please contact us, for example, if ...
  • you have substantial problems with upcoming or ongoing customer orders
  • process changes need to be implemented quickly and efficiently
  • the integration of business solutions (e.g. ERP, MMS, PPC, PDA, PMS, MIS, CRM, DMS...) is to be implemented smoothly without negatively affecting your core business
  • specific management skills are required for an interim period only, like for example the introduction of IT systems, the launch of new products, the development of new strategies or temporary management replacement
  • you are unsure how to implement your new strategies
  • we can assist with conflict resolution, be it with suppliers, partners, clients or employees
  • you can't complete a project successfully
  • objective project analysis and assessment would be beneficial
...does any of this sound familiar?